National Certificate in Adult Literacy Education (Vocational)

Alec offers training relating to the National Certificate in Adult Literacy Education (Vocational) otherwise known as the NCALE (Voc). We also do training for learners through our local intensive literacy and numeracy (ILN) programme. If you are interested in our local ILN programme then click the link to your left. If you are here for the NCALE (Voc) then read on.

Study Guide, Assessment Guide, and Readings all online

As from 2010 our latest Study Guide, Assessment Guide, and Readings for the NCALE (Voc) are all online. This allows us to update the content as new developments arise. We have seen a lot of new developments in this field over recent years and hopefully now things have stabilised. The hard copies that you received when you signed up are the most up-to-date resources we have in print. However, in the event that further changes happen at TEC or NZQA our aim is to update our online materials quickly to reflect the most recent thinking and materials.

How do I access the online Study Guide and other materials?

If you are already logged into MY ALEC you can click the blue NCALE (Voc) link on the left or in this sentence.

Is there an overview of the course?

If you want an overview of the different parts of the course that links to the different sections in the Study Guide and other readings then click the MY ALEC link in the orange menu at the top of the screen, or the link in this sentence.

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