NZ Budget 2010 has nothing to say about literacy and numeracy

The latest budget does not address literacy and numeracy

If you google "NZ budget 2010 literacy numeracy" today you'll get basically nothing. The short story is that the 2010 budget for New Zealand Aotearoa does not address literacy and numeracy. It's hard to know what this really means. If you take the "glass is half full" approach, it's possible that this means that there will be no difference with regards to literacy and numeracy funding over the next period.

However, if you take the "glass is half empty" approach it's possible that there is another message being sent. I'll leave you to fill in the blanks yourself. However, it does seem odd that in a time of economic recession, in a country with poor national productivity, and with literacy and numeracy as recognised priorities in the Tertiary Education Strategy, that a budget would fail to address this.

At present, we're not sure what the implications are for funded literacy and numeracy providers and related training in New Zealand. However, watch this space for further updates.